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On Call Accounting Services

Are you Short of staff?

Are you struggling with High volume of work?

Are you facing Trouble in Meeting Deadlines?

In addition to spending far less time on your year-end audit, with our on call accounting services, allowing you to spend far more time focusing on your business instead of workers’ compensation paperwork. And unlike traditional billing options, you pay only for the time devoted on the dedicated project.

What is on-call accounting Services? 121 Accounting Solutions on-call accounting service provides you with a single point of contact in our specialist Accounting Advisory team to address all your accounting needs. Our team specializes in IFRS, Dutch GAAP and US GAAP.

What I do for you?

Providing accurate and complete General Ledger, Assets Ledgers, Expenses Ledgers, Income Ledgers and Liability Ledgers for the business

Other Services on Call

  • Generate reports and analyze financial data
  • Evaluate cash flow and improve profitability
  • Prepare budgets
  • Strategic tax planning and financial forecasting
  • Accounting systems set-up, Chart of Accounts and General Ledger
  • Internal controls for fraud prevention
  • Quarterly, monthly, and annual financial statements
  • Use and sales tax processing
  • Profit statements and balance sheets
  • Custom financial reports
  • Business tax returns
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