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Payroll Outsourcing

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Payroll Outsourcing

Customized payroll to handle complex unique requirements, backed by specialist accounting knowledge to facilitate optimal payroll management for your clients.

We offer end to end payroll support outsourcing services at reasonable costs helping you to earn considerable margins and let you gain time as well to focus on your core operations.

The best part is we can customize payroll services to suit your requirements and provide a well-managed payroll solution.

Managing payroll is an important task and a vital task for a business. Blunders such as inaccuracy in calculating payroll taxes or improper payroll deductions can turn out to be a costly error for the enterprise.

121 Accounting Solutions is a leading accounting firm that provides an array of financial services to individuals and enterprises across the globe. From validating data inputs, maintaining various 121 Accounting Solutions Team records, to preparing salary sheets and assisting in interim payroll audit, our professionals at 121 Accounting Solutions deliver a comprehensive list of financial aid. With 10 years of experience and proficiency in the bookkeeping services, 121 Accounting Solutions is your trustworthy choice for outsourcing payroll services in India.

Why choose 121 Accounting Solutions Payroll Outsourcing Services?

  • Payroll management is a time-consuming, tedious task. Thanks to our dedicated team, we give you a complete bouquet of payroll management services in a cost-effective and time-effective method. We are veterans in calculations of the salaries of employees, preparing and filing tax returns, and arranging payments to employees’ bank accounts. Infinity gives you minimum payroll hassles and maximum employee satisfaction.
  • We are a reputable payroll service provider for CPA and Accounting firms in the USA. We work in close association with you and help in effective employee management. We are aware of your security concerns, which is why we have optimum care allocated to the confidential information of our clients. Furthermore, our payroll services enable you to handle your whole payroll process competently. We have already set the benchmark for managing payroll functions and consistently maintains productivity

Cost Effective:

Payroll services significantly reduce your cost by handling all payroll functionalities by qualified professionals.

Enhance Productivity

As mentioned earlier, managing payroll in-house requires extra staffing, lots of resources, and attention to detail, leading to lost productivity.  Accurate payroll management involves a vast amount of data processing, requiring HR professionals to spend considerable time on these tasks every month. The time spent on payroll management takes them away from the core tasks of hiring and onboarding.  Payroll outsourcing allows HR teams to focus on business expansion and growth

World’s Top Technology

Payroll management is made easier by technology, and the data-driven approach refines and updates the system. The generated reports can be used to forecast and plan costs, as well as prepare for contingencies. Payroll systems are constantly updated to keep up with changing tax laws, human resource policies, and compliances. As a result, technology greatly improves the payroll management process.

Reliable Payroll Outsourcing Services

We prioritize your privacy and conceal your data with utmost care. We offer a reliable, standardized service that saves your time and cost.

Maximum Accuracy

We maintain precision and quality to ensure accuracy. In addition, our payroll outsourcing service handles compliance with various legislation, allowing you to sustain your accuracy steadily.

Expert Team

Our experts will aid you with impeccable industry experience and a deep understanding of the field. They aid you throughout the process and provide a platform for all your questions and queries. Deal with people and money with ease

Up-to-date records maintained in full privacy

We always up to date your records and maintained in full privacy, We prioritize your privacy and conceal your data with utmost care. We offer a reliable, standardized service that saves your time and cost.

Dedicated account managers for specific clients

We have a committed team that provides end-to-end payroll services. We prioritize quality and safety; hence, we have the latest encryption technology to enhance data security. Our payroll services handle your contingent workforce with prudence and discrete calculation.

Follow these steps to manually process payroll:

  • Review employee hourly schedules.
  • Determine overtime pay.
  • Calculate gross pay.
  • Determine deductions.
  • Calculate net pay.
  • Issue payments to employees through their preferred delivery method (e.g., paper check, direct deposit).

Advantages of Outsourcing:

  • Reap Time & Efficiency benefits by outsourcing Non-core activity.
  • Relieves Employee pressure from time bound & Voluminous routine clerical activity.
  • Cost benefit – Technology, Salary, Infrastructure etc.
  • Improve Company and HR focus
  • Free internal resources for other purposes
  • Gain access to continuously changing/improving technology
  • Enhance efficiency

On Call Accounting Services

121 Accounting Solutions on-call accounting service provides you with a single point of contact…

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